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Here at My Mortgage Pal we like to make mortgages simple. If you subscribe to My Mortgage Pal for just £10 a month, you will unlock unlimited assistance with all things mortgages — first time applications, remortgaging, further advances, porting etc.

My Mortgage Pal was founded in 2022 by Jason Grech (Independent Financial Adviser, DipPFS Cert. CII (MP)) and two of his clients, Kate and Paul. Jason met Kate and Paul when they had a mortgage application rejected in 2020 — he then helped them to secure a mortgage to buy their first home. Since then, Kate and Paul have moved on to their second property and that's thanks to the help they got from Jason.

Kate and Paul had found it difficult to find a mortgage broker who was affordable and flexible around their working hours. Jason found that individuals would hold back on asking for help/questions through fear of being hit with a big bill, as is often the case in the sector. To assist first time buyers who are sometimes tight for upfront cash, Jason came up with the idea of a monthly subscription service and My Mortgage Pal was born.

Subscribing to My Mortgage Pal gives you unlimited access to Jason's knowledge and experience. Jason and a team of financial experts will be available to you 24/7, and no question is too big or too small. My Mortgage Pal will "hold your hand" throughout your mortgage application, and will find you the best possible deal.

Not only that, My Mortgage Pal will be here for you when your deal ends and it's time to remortgage. Or perhaps you want a further advance or you're looking to move and want to Port your mortgage? We can deal with that too, as this is all included in your monthly subscription.

We appreciate times are tough, and rather than cutting back like most businesses, we want to give our subscribers more. We have plans to introduce a monthly giveaway prize to give one lucky subscriber a chance to win an amazing prize each month. So keep your eyes peeled!


Our members are
very happy to work with us

From start to finish Jason was a great help. There was so much I didn't know or understand never made to feel stupid for asking. Jason and his team helped me to  understand the legal terminology in the mortgage industry

Georgina Adams

First-Time Buyer

With so much conflicting advice in the mortgage industry, it can be really difficult to know exactly who to trust. My Mortgage Pal really help me to work my way through the myriad of mortgage options available.

John Gorge

Managing Director

After going self-employed just 18 months ago I wasn't sure where I stood when it came to obtaining a mortgage. Jason and his team were amazing and helped cut through the red tape often experienced by the self-employed

Rebecca Baker

Full-time self-employed Mum

With so much conflicting advice in the mortgage industry, it can be really difficult to know exactly who to trust. My Mortgage Pal really help me to work my way through the myriad of mortgage options available.

John Gorge

Managing Director

Put an end to
mortgage headaches

Moving home can be a stressful time!
With Jason and his expert team assisting you
things will go smoothly with no drama.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Though we are confident you will not want to cancel your subscription, you can absolutely
cancel at any time with no charges or penalties.

When is the right time to sign up?

Now! You should seek expert advice before starting your mortgage journey. We will help
you with your credit score, advise on savings, and ensure that you are fully prepared to
apply for a mortgage. Plus you don’t want to miss out on amazing prices and the invaluable
information we send out in our newsletters.

What does the subscription include?

We help you with:

  • First time buyer mortgages
  • Remortages
  • Porting (if you want to move before the end of your mortgage term)
  • Second charge mortgages
  • Buy-to-let mortgages
  • Further advances (if you want some cash for home improvements)

As part of your membership, you will also receive monthly newsletters with up-to-date
relevant mortgage information and discount codes. You will also automatically be entered
into our monthly prize draw.

Which lenders do you deal with?

We are proud that we deal with the whole of the market and therefore have access to deals
and lenders that the ordinary person does not. However, we will also check for direct deals
and be honest if we think you will get a better offer going directly to the lender.

I’m not sure you’re local to me, how does that work?

We have dealt with applications all over the country – that’s the beauty of modern
technology! We can email, call, or zoom to assist you.

I work all day; how will I get the chance to speak to you?

Do not worry, we are very flexible with our hours. We will make sure we are available when it’s convenient for you - even if that means an early morning or late evening appointment.

How can I be reassured that my application will be successful?

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service. We like to contact lenders first before
submitting your application, to be sure on the prospects of success of your application.
But fear not, in the unlikely event that you have an unsuccessful application, we will
continue to help you to secure a deal at no extra cost.

Let us be your Mortgage Pal

A simple no-nonsense approach to providing mortgage advice you can trust and be confident recommending to your friends and family.